Thursday, January 12, 2006

Batman Artist Portrays Lubavitchers

Aardwolf Publishing has contracted famed Batman artist Michael Netzer to illustrate "The Man Who Hated Lubavitchers," which originally appeared at "The Pig of Death" blog here.

Quoth Netzer: "I understand that your contention with Chabad focuses on where the movement has deteriorated to since the Rebbe's passing. I met him once at 770 and Elana still has a dollar he gave her while she was pregnant with our only son. I have only the highest regard for his works, as you do, and know of many stories that exemplify the special spirit he enshrouded the movement with...You've been effected by something very dear to you and have chosen which side of the struggle you stand on. It’s a righteous stance and Hashem rewards you openly for it. Along with the pain, you can allow yourself a peculiar satisfaction and joy at having made the statements you've made. A victory of causing the hypocrites who abuse Hashem’s name to expose themselves...The more righteous you are, the greater will your sacrifice be."


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